2012 Bread and Butter Chardonnay

This chardonnay was such a huge find! Right off the bat, the name of the wine caught my attention. The flavor you would expect from a wine called Bread and Butter is spot on.

2012 Orin Swift The Prisoner Napa Valley

Happy New Year! So I splurged on my wine selection for New Year’s Eve. I spent $40 on a bottle of The Prisoner, a wine I’ve wanted to try for a long time. It’s

2009 Highflyer Centerline Red Blend Napa Valley

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I figured it made sense to post about this awesome red blend because this is what I’ll be drinking today. I had it recently at a friend’s house and it

2006 Saint Clair Omaka Reserve Chardonnay

There’s a wine shop by me that sells aged wine at great prices. I don’t know if it’s to get the wine off the shelf, or to differentiate themselves, but I got this wine

2007 Rosenblum Cellars Heritage Clones Petite Sirah

This wine is awesome. At the moment, it’s probably in my top 3 wines under $20. I very rarely buy the same wine more than once or twice because I like to try different